Nightlife of Trivandrum

Trivandrum, the capital city of Kerala does not have the typical conventional nightlife though bars and pubs are present in the hotel and restaurant. Kerala is known for its rich culture and tradition all over the world. Its nightlife brings out the best features of its rich culture. In Trivandrum, nightlife means to get drowned in the vast pool of performing arts namely Kodiyattom, Kathakali or Mohiniaattam dances and a variety of other soul-stirring cultural programs. One may not find the peppy numbers or DJ's playing hip-hop numbers but as they say ,one should never ignore the pwer of grace and simplicity, the nightlife of Trivandrum is a wonderful compilation of the traditional performing arts. Music and graceful dance movements are the key components of the nightlife of Trivandrum. Watching the trained dancers performing with perfection ives inner harmony and lasting peace.


The famous Kovalam Beach presents a different image of nightlife of Trivandrum . The beach becomes alive after the sunset.


The soft breeze and the musical ballad of the sea create the perfect setting for a magical nightlife . The beach is dotted with several bars that remain in action almost round the clock.